Day tickets are not issued for any of our waters which are for members only.

However, any member, including juniors, can purchase guest tickets from any of our Tackle Shop agencies,  by post from the Membership Secretary or on-line via your PayPal account or credit card.

Tickets are priced at adults 10.00/day and juniors 5.00/day. A day is taken to mean 5 am to 10 pm. The guest must be accompanied by the member applying. 

No more than three guest tickets to be available to any member at any one time.

The guest ticket must be retained by the member and destroyed at the end of the fishing day. The member is responsible for the behaviour of the guest . 

Night Fishing is not allowed on a guest ticket. Guests must NOT be on Association waters between 10pm and 5am

KDAA Guest Tickets cannot be used on the River Chelmer.


Apply for a Guest ticket on line via PayPal, particularly useful if you are unable to get to a Tackle Shop in time before you wish to take a Guest fishing. 

Retain a printed  or saved copy of your emailed Guest Ticket acknowledgement and the PayPal payment email receipt to show a Bailiff, if requested to do so.

Click here to proceed to the on line submission form and a PayPal payment form    

If you do not have a PayPal account you can still checkout as a PayPal Guest and provide your credit card details

Please note the Member's name and membership number must be provided.

Guest tickets must only be purchased on-line before and not on the fishing date.



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