Layer Marney complex

Ted Keyes pool,  Lou Radford pool and John Graves pool

This three reservoir complex at Layer Marney has seen a massive infusion of fish in recent years as part of the club’s policy to create a good general fishery. The fish have thrived in these very fertile waters and now offer match and pleasure anglers consistently good sport throughout the season. Roach, rudd, crucian carp, skimmer bream, tench, common and mirror carp are present. The third reservoir has a very high carp stock rate with two recent new stockings, totalling 33lbs/swim, of fish between 1lb and 3lb. This is in addition to the original heavy stocking. Three very good waters where double figure bags are common and the larger carp that run to over 25bs regularly test light tackle to its limits.

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Night fishing trial at the Layer Marney starting 5 May 2019

KDAA members can night fish the three Layer Marney waters from now until the end of the season. This doubles the number of night fishing waters available to KDAA night permit holders. The size of carp varies from singles and low doubles to twenties with the occasional fish up to around the thirty pounds. There is no additional cost to the night permit for the extra waters.
You need to be aware that we will not be providing a toilet during this trial so members will need to make their own provisions. 
This is a trial and the position will be reviewed in December. The privilege will be removed immediately if we have complaints about members breaking the conditions that apply to this water: -
  • Members must not arrive at or leave the water between 10pm and 5am the following day. This is to avoid disturbing the people in the properties near the entrance from the road.
  • There must be no litter left. This includes human faeces.
  • Members must not cause any disturbance to people living nearby.
  • Members must NOT erect bivvies on any of the road ways around the water. Cars and farm machinery must have clear access to car parking and fields where appropriate. 
  • Members must NOT erect bivvies on any of the footpaths around the water. Anglers must have clear access to all swims.
  • Please report non fishing people that turn up after dark to the Head Bailiff but do NOT challenge them.

Please send any catch reports and pictures to Fred Merrin.

If members wish to upgrade their membership to include a night permit please return to the tackle Agent where you purchased your card pay the 45 difference and request a replacement card or return your card to the Membership Secretary with a 45 cheque or pay on-line.



Marney 1

1 Ted Keyes pool,



Marney 2

2  Lou Radford pool

 3 John Graves pool

 3 John Graves pool