Updated 4 November 2020

Angling Trust statement 4 November

Visit to obtain the latest guidance from the Angling Trust - dated 4 November.

The regulations are clear and you can only leave home to fish with members of your own household, your support bubble or with one other individual. (do not share a car with that individual as social distancing cannot be maintained). The Rule of Six is now effectively the Rule of Two for most of us. The tightening of the rules on ‘gatherings’ means that match fishing or any other organised fishing event is prohibited by law during lockdown.

Angling Trust statement 2 November
Angling Trust Seek Clarity on Angling during Lockdown-2
Angling Trust staff have been working hard over the weekend to ensure that angling in England can continue during the forthcoming lockdown. Unlike golf and tennis the government have not asked fisheries to close and their announcement and guidance makes clear that outdoor recreation at ‘parks and gardens’ and at ‘beaches and in the ‘countryside’ is to be deemed a legitimate reason for leaving home from November 5th. The travel guidance was updated yesterday and it seems that short journeys from home for these purposes are to be permitted. There are a number of other issues on which we are seeking clarification and a copy of our letter to the Secretary of State at DCMS can be downloaded below for those wanting to see more. We are hearing that the final regulations will not now be published until Wednesday but we will update everybody the moment we know more. We remain confident that we will still be fishing from Thursday so please be patient!

River matches venue changed

Following a text vote of regular match attendees it was agreed by a majority that the forthcoming river matches this winter be moved to the Colemans Cottage Fishery - Pathfield Lake

These will be normal Club Matches. The Match Fixtures webpage has been amended.

Derek Harper Match Secretary

Fish Welfare Guidance

As a consequence of the number of new anglers taking up fishing and also the many anglers that have returned to the sport this season after a break of probably many years, the Committee decided that it would be useful to offer guidance on fish welfare.  Bailiffs and other experienced anglers have reported their concerns about seeing other anglers mishandling fish, in particular large carp, on our night fishing venues such as Silver End Pits or having inadequate equipment such as landing nets and unhooking mats.

A guidance document on fish welfare containing information from reliable sources such as the Angling Trust has been produced by the Association.  Although aimed at the novice angler and those new to 'carp angling' hopefully all members will find it of interest.  Download it here

Paragraphs cover:-

  Choice of venue
  Essential equipment
  Specimen fish handling
  YouTube clips on fish handling
  Unhooking specimen fish
  Eels and Perch
  The best way to retain carp
  Keepnets and code

A separate fish welfare article written by a Blaine Mitchel is available to download here.

Fred Merrin
Publicity Officer
Layer Marney Toilet Arson

Since the opening of angling after the initial lockdown the club has installed two extra toilets to cope with the increase in anglers. These were located at the Silver End Pits and for the first time at the Layer Marney complex.

The Layer Marney toilet was burnt down on the night of Wednesday 23rd September 2020 only a week away from when it was due for removal. This arson crime has been reported to the police.

I appeal to anyone who saw anything that could lead to the culprits being apprehended to contact me.

Regarding the Layer Marney toilet, the club will have to pay the cost of the destroyed toilet as they cannot be insured. The saddest part of this sorry saga is that we cannot risk installing another toilet at Layer Marney next season.

John Joyce
General Secretary
Three rod rule

Members are reminded that three rods are only allowed on Silver End Back Pit for Night Permit holders from the 1st November until the 31st March.  See Handbook Conduct Rule 6 page 11 and the Fixed Penalty of a three month’s membership suspension page 21.

Every year members are suspended for breaking this rule particularly during October.

The Environment Agency has reported a number of fish deaths in Essex and issued a warning to clubs concerning the excessive amounts of bait being put into waters. During these hot spells, there is a danger of uneaten bait leading to algae blooms that can deplete the dissolved oxygen to fatal levels.

The increased angling pressure on all Essex waters can easily result in excessive baiting as each angler piles in the bait with no regard to previous anglers’ baiting.
This is an appeal for all KDAA anglers to be careful how much bait they put into the water. Too often we have seen an angler spodding in a large amount of bait, catch nothing and then follow up with another barrage. Since the lockdown ended for anglers, our fish have seen more bait than ever before. No wonder some fish must be “stuffed to the gills” and not inclined to feed.
Please keep your baiting to no more than 1 kilo boilies and 1 kilo particle/groundbait per 24 hours. Preferably less!
John Joyce
General Secretary
Membership now closed for this Season

The Commitee has decided to close the membership for this season as we feel we have sufficient members relative to the number and size of our waters.

We will, therefore, not be accepting any further membership applications as from today.

Fred Merrin
Membership Secretary

2 August 2020

The two corner carpark swims at Seabrooks Reservoir have now been designated for disabled anglers.
If you do fish either swim please vacate the swim(s) if you are requested to do so by a disabled angler.

ACI coaching on Seabrooks Reservoir Saturday 15 August and 26 Sept

Coaching under the auspices of Angling Coaching Initiative is restarting on a limited basis following strict Covid-19 guidance.

Six dates have been selected from the original 14 dates on the participating club waters.  Two of those dates are the Saturday 15 August and Saturday 26 September are on KDAA waters.

Both are on Seabrooks Reservoir, however, only the left hand bank will be used and the right hand bank will remain open for general fishing.

Details of the coaching sessions are on the ACI website Homepage at and follow the link 'Also restarting coaching under Covid-19'

I believe the sessions are already well subscribed bearing in mind the number of volunteer coaches available to take part.

New Night Permits suspended

Owing to a significant increase in night permits, it has been decided as from 15 June no new Night Permits including upgrades will be issued apart from rejoining members from last year. This will be kept under review.

Fred Merrin
Membership Secretary


Owing to low water levels at Seabrooks Reservoir a keepnet ban has been introduced other than for official club matches.
Seabrooks Reservoir water level

The Association has rented and stocked Seabrooks Reservoir for over 25 years since it was dug as a reservoir by Seabrooks Farm.

In the last three years, it has actually been used as a reservoir with water being extracted to irrigate potato fields on the farm. This does mean that anglers will start to see water levels drop during the summer months to quite low levels.  If there is sufficient water levels in the nearby river Ter then some water will be pumped into the reservoir by the farmer during the summer otherwise most of the pumping in of water is undertaken during the winter months. This winter the water reached its maximum level.

The low water levels do not appear to affect the fishing adversely but it does means that anglers have to fish from the exposed margins.  I also check oxygen levels in the water, particularly during periods of hot weather, and if concerned, the EA will assist by providing oxygenators.

Bob Reed
Fishery Manager

Guest tickets are now available for all waters apart from Silver End Pits.

These are only available online via the KDDA website or by post from the Membership Secretary.

Please view the Guests page on this website.


Pennett's Farm Reservoir new car park

A new car park has been provided by the farmer landlord of Pennett's Farm Reservoir which is located at the bottom of the hill to the rear of the farm buildings.

There is a new entrance with a KDAA sign and a double farm gate fitted with a combination lock. This is on the White Notley side of the farm and there are also large signs 'Blake Developments' at the entrance.

There is a hard surface track leading down the hill to a carpark.  Access to the Reservoir is north along the hedge line through three small gates to the otter fence surrounding the water.

Please keep the gates closed at all times as sheep are kept in the fields.

The car park is currently also providing access up the hill to a house that is being built so please avoid parking in such a way that would obstuct builders lorries accessing the building site.

The old car park is no longer accessible.


Combination gate locks

Some members are struggling to operate the combination locks properly and reporting they cannot be opened either to get onto a water or leave it.

When we have investigated, it seems the angler was not pushing the body of the lock hard enough down onto the shackle to release it. Also, of course, making sure the numbers are correctly lined up.

The combination locks at Tiptree Reservoir are different. They have a button on the base that requires pushing in to release the shackle.

Matches will resume on the 31 May using Angling Trust Covid 19 competition guidelines

Match to be held at Pennett's Farm Reservoir Sunday 31 May

Social distancing guidelines for matches.

Pegs to be pre-booked with the Match Secretary
10 match fee bring correct money.
Rolling draw 8 till 8.30 anglers to go straight to their peg observing 2m social distancing.
Do not touch or borrow other anglers equipment.
Anglers to stay at peg until scalesman and boardsman have weighed catch.
Do not follow scalesman around venue.
Leave fishery immediately unless you are awaiting prize money.
Results will be posted on Facebook within 24 hours.


Fish are now beginning to spawn on our waters.

Please note that the Association does not close waters during the fish spawning period as the fish spawn at different times over an extended periods.

We do ask members to act in a responsible manner when they see fish spawning.

We introduced the following Fish Welfare rule last year.

'Members must not fish for spawning fish or in an area where fish are spawning'

Unfortunately this rule was omitted in error from the Handbook when it was reprinted this year.

Can members please park in the designated car parks at the Layer Marney complex.

Please note this is a working farm.

We have received complaints from farm staff that anglers are parking on tracks and other places obstructing tractors and farm vehicles even when there are spaces in the car parks.

If the car parks are full then phone the bailiff, Wayne Radley, for advise.

Coronavirus - KDAA waters open Wednesday 13 May

The Prime Minister has announced the resumption of ‘unlimited outdoor sports’ from Wednesday providing they are conducted alone or with members of the same household and that social distancing rules are followed at all times.

The KDAA stillwaters will, therefore, be open at 7am on Wednesday 13 May.

No fishing under any circumstances before that time. No rushing to swims in the dark at midnight Tuesday.

Where new locks have been fitted these will not be replaced by our normal combination locks until 7am on Wednesday.

All anglers must be in possession of a current season 2020/21 membership card otherwise a bailiff will instruct you to leave the water.

The situation regarding the timing for the opening of tackle shops is unclear but is likely to be in June.

Fishing safely following the phased lifting of the Coronavirus restrictions.

Please adhere to these new fishery rules based on guidance from the Angling Trust

Local fishing only – anglers must follow current Government guidance on travel for the benefit of recreational activity.
Do not share transport unless residing in the same household

Angling to be undertaken on a solitary basis – at least 2m social distancing must be maintained at all times.
Anglers to fish on their own in established swims unless sharing a swim with a member of the same household.
Take care passing on narrow tracks around the waters. Please use your common sense and show courtesy to other anglers
Do not approach other anglers just for ‘for a chat’.
Park sensibly to allow other anglers to park. Do not just abandon your car whilst rushing to bag a swim.
Keep to the 72 hour night maximum fishing limit - do less nights and give other anglers a chance to fish.
Do not reserve swims for other anglers.

Use gloves or antibac wipes after handling locks and gates.
Use antibac wipes before and after using club toilets - preferably use your own facilities.
No sharing of fishing tackle or any other items e.g. bait boxes
No competition fishing.
Online membership payments to be made wherever possible
No guest tickets until further notice
If requested to produce your membership card by a KDAA Bailiff do so by maintaining social distancing.  Place your card on a bag or the ground and then walk away at least 2m.
Members will obviously be fishing at their own risk bearing in mind the coronavirus transmission rate is only now just starting to decline. You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of fellow club members.

Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or who shares a household with any individual displaying symptoms should not go fishing and continue to follow Government advice on isolation.

Angling Trust guidelines

Please adhere to these rules. We must prevent the virus increasing again and causing another lockdown.
We have waited patiently for this moment. Do not jeopardise our fishing by breaking these rules.
Keep safe.

John Joyce
General Secretary

News from the AGM held 16 January

      a)     Subscriptions to remain the same

       b)     Rule change agreed:-  Constitution Rule 7 - Election of Officers to be amended to include the wording ' A member who wishes to be considered for election at an Annual General Meeting, as a replacement Officer, must notify the Secretary by the 20th November prior to the meeting and must have been a member of the Committee for at least two years at that date. This provision may be overridden at the discretion of the Committee.’

      c) Rule change agreed:-  Constitution Rule 3 to be amended to include the words. ‘There is no provision for the refund of subscriptions if the fishing rights to any water rented/owned by the Association is relinguished or lost during the membership season.’

 d)   Rule change agreed:-  Conduct Rule 4 regarding the issue of dog permits to be amended to include the words ’and the Layer Marney complex’

`e) Fishery Rule change - received the Committee’s decision that the Night Fishing arrangement at the Layer Marney complex should be made permanent.

 e) Fishery Rule change - received the Committee’s decision that the concessionary subscription arrangement for the residents of Tollesbury regarding the Hunts Farm Reservoir be removed.



KDAA Members please be careful

As those who fish the Silver End Back Pit are aware, we share the area with horses. It will come as no surprise that horses eat grass, hay, oats, etc.
They do not eat carp hooks, swivels, nylon monofilament or braid hook links.

What you see in the picture was attached to the lips of a horse. It entailed a callout visit from a vet to remove it.

Whilst it was the responsibility of the angler who carelessly left it. The club, whilst not accepting liability, paid the bill as a gesture of good will.

Please take care not to leave anything behind when you leave your swim

John Joyce
General Secretary
Silver End Front Pit work commences.
Work will start tomorrow Monday 10 February by a contractor to start clearing trees on the west side of the Silver End Front create a wind tunnel
There will be no fishing on the west bank and the rear car will be out of action for a few days. Members will be informed when the work has been completed.
Bob Reed Fishery Manager

Silver End Front Pit stocking 14 December 2019

The planned stocking into Silver End Front Pit of six C6 21lb to 24lb mirror carp and fifteen C4 9lb to 15lb mirror carp went ahead on Saturday 14 December. 

The carp were supplied by VS Fisheries. Sussex.

A wet morning but with plenty of help we were able to transfer, photograph and quickly release the fish.

To view a pdf. of the C6 carp click here  To view a pdf. of the C4 carp click here

The 300 plus donations in memory of Ray Bennett, has at the request of his daughter Alison Parrish, contributed towards the cost of the 21lb zip linear carp. Named 'Ray' and appears as the first carp in the C6 photos.

May we request that anglers submit catch reports by email or Facebook, with weights, if any of these carp are caught, in particuar the C6, so we may monitor their progress.


Bob Reed Cameron Parrish and Bob Reed
Delvery  Ready to go Bob Reed  Cameron Parrish and Bob Reed 
Cameron Parrish Alison and Cameron Parrish Steve Mason, Alison Parrish, Dave Winger, John Joyce, Bob Reed
Cameron Parrish  Alison and Cameron Parrish  Steve Mason, Alison Parrish, Dave Winger, John Joyce, Bob Reed   
Fishery management action at Silver End Front Pit

The club is now in the financial position to take needed fishery management action on Silver End Front pit. This action covers the work necessary deal with the excessive tree growth around the pit and developing the carp stock position. The details are: -

Tree Management

The work on the water surrounding has two objectives: -

1.    On advice from the EA Fisheries department, a contractor will be used to cut back trees and bushes to allow the prevailing winds to get onto the water. This action is required on many of the older waters in the area as the growth gradually closes in adding to the leaf drop and stopping the vital wind moving the water around and increasing oxygen levels.

2.    To open up swims that have become unfishable. This requires cutting back the willow and alders etc. No doubt many will use words like “butchered” and “massacred”. These words were used when we did the same actions years ago, but experience has shown these trees grow back very quickly. Nip and tuck action is a waste of time as the same action has to be done in a matter of months. This action will also allow more wind onto the water and allow for easier casting.

Please note that when the contractor starts work in December and/or January the car park area near the container and toilet will be out of bounds for parking.

As the old saying goes, “you cannot make omelettes without cracking eggs”. Similarly opening up swims necessitates cutting branches that require stacking and burning. The current “mess” will be cleared up as soon as our contractor can move the branches and flail the brambles. Sorry about any inconvenience but the recent small work party had enough to do without moving everything to the plateau area for burning.

This brings me onto the subject of work parties. Several have berated the committee for holding them mid-week and not weekends. In the past many have said they would attend on say a Saturday but never turn up. Others have moaned that we are interfering with their only fishing opportunity. Hence the weekdays when the retired committee members can turn up. However, given the apparent strength of feeling expressed to the committee, Saturday or Sunday work parties will be held. Please watch out for FB and email announcements. These work parties will have specific objectives working towards the above aims.     

Carp Stock

Past policy has been to trickle in carp to replace the inevitable spawning loses. These carp although in good condition are of unknown ages and were almost all commons. We will be stocking a number of two age groups from a reputable fish farm used by another club in the area. The details are: -

1.    Six C6 (six summers old) mirror carp that will be between 20 and 24lbs.

2.    Eighteen C4 mirror carp that will be between 8 and 12lbs.

The aim is to provide some interesting fish both for now and the longer term. As the fish will be photographed, we will be able to monitor them over time provided members post their pictures.

Bob Reed
Fishery Manager    

KDAA no longer involved in the river Chelmer lease

Regrettably, the KDAA is no longer involved in the fishing rights on the river Chelmer.

The prime holder of the lease are Maldon Angling Society (MAS), They added another club to the original four clubs sharing the fishing and also secured a new lease for the Chelmer. However they decided that all clubs, except themselves, would contribute the same amount irrespective of club size. This would mean the KDAA paying the same as clubs up to four times our size.

We were unhappy to pay the same as the other much larger clubs. We offered to pay the same proportion of the overall rent as before despite the addition of another large club four times our size sharing the burden, but this was rejected by MAS. We were given an ultimatum with no chance of negotiation and no opportunity to meet with the other clubs despite our request to do so.

Our offer is still on the table but, as no response has been received from MAS and their deadline has passed, sadly the KDAA is no longer part of the Chelmer fishery.

This does mean that any KDAA angler who is not also member of a participating club will have to purchase a day ticket on the bankside, if asked to do so, by the MAS bailiff.

John Joyce.

Night fishing trial at the Layer Marney starting 5 May
KDAA members can night fish the three Layer Marney waters from now until the end of the season. This doubles the number of night fishing waters available to KDAA night permit holders. The size of carp varies from singles and low doubles to twenties with the occasional fish up to around the thirty pounds. There is no additional cost to the night permit for the extra waters.
You need to be aware that we will not be providing a toilet during this trial so members will need to make their own provisions. 
This is a trial and the position will be reviewed in December. The privilege will be removed immediately if we have complaints about members breaking the conditions that apply to this water: -
  • Members must not arrive at or leave the water between 10pm and 5am the following day. This is to avoid disturbing the people in the properties near the entrance from the road.
  • There must be no litter left. This includes human faeces.
  • Members must not cause any disturbance to people living nearby.
  • Members must NOT erect bivvies on any of the road ways around the water. Cars and farm machinery must have clear access to car parking and fields where appropriate. 
  • Members must NOT erect bivvies on any of the footpaths around the water. Anglers must have clear access to all swims.
  • Please report non fishing people that turn up after dark to the Head Bailiff but do NOT challenge them.

So night permit holders please feel free to enjoy your sport and please send any catch reports and pictures to Fred Merrin.

If members wish to upgrade their membership to include a night permit please return to the tackle Agent where you purchased your card pay the 45 difference and request a replacement card or return your card to the Membership Secretary with a 45 cheque or pay on-line.


John Joyce


Pennett's Farm Reservoir electric fence

Please not that the electric otter fence at Pennett's Farm Reservoir now has an On/Of switch adjacent to the gate to deactivate it rather than disconnecting the battery terminal.

First on the water, switch of the electric fence, last off the water please switch it back on.


Coaching angling course for juniors - 2019 UPDATE

The successful coaching scheme for juniors we supported last year will continue into 2019.. This is a joint venture with Kelvedon & District Angling Association and Maldon Angling Society and the plan is to hold coaching sessions throughout the May - September period on a variety of waters, split between the two clubs. Those enrolled will be welcome at all sessions, and we’ll cater for both novices and those who already fish.

The scheme is aimed primarily to bring juniors aged 8 to 16 into the sport whose parents do not fish but also to develop the skills of juniors new to angling.
They do not need to be members of either KDAA or MAS.

We will be running this with accredited Angling Trust Level 2 Coaches, Chris Burt and  Graham Garnham who both hold Enhanced DBS checks, Safeguarding & Protecting Children, First Aid course etc.

We’ll be teaching them everything to get them hooked, from starter sessions using a 4 metre whip, onto full tuition on float rods, feeders and pole fishing. Every variation we can in fact, the aim is to capture their interest and give them a sport for life!  Tackle will be provided.

If you know any child who would like to enrol into the scheme please visit the ACI website for an enrolment form, parents who’d like to learn to fish too are welcome, though they might have to share the same swim. There will be nominal charges only for bait and tackle replacement.

7.50 per day or less for Family Groups, Coaching dates are set for;

25 May, 8, 22 June, 6th, 20, 31 July, 15, 21, 28, 31 Aug and 7, 14, 28 Sept.

For more information on this venture, please see the ACI website : or  email at :

The ACI Facebook page can be found here : 377571599384078

We still need additional Volunteer Assistants to make this initiative a success, if you’d be prepared to help at any of the sessions, can you please contact Chris Burt see below.?

You can do as many or as few sessions as you wan't or any of the club venues.

So if you would like to join the Initiative please visit the ACI website to download a volunteer enrolment form..  

Coaching dates here and on the Match Fixtures page.

Volunteer Assistant form


Chris Burt

Angling Coaching Initiative

3 Great Cob Chelmsford CM1 6LA


M 07917 781299


Fish stocking  

Restocking has taken place recently at Marney 2 with 100 bream around the 3 pound size and 450 bream around the half pound size. the fish came from a fish farm .

Also 70 tench have been introduced into Elm Farm Reservoir and 300 crucians provided by the EA into Marney 3.


Hunt Farm Reservoir track gate

To deter fly tipping outside Hunts Farm Reservoir, a gate with our combination lock has been installed by Wilkins on the track. The farmer also has his own lock on the gate.


River only permit now available all season

The river only permit which was for the winter period only is now available to cover the whole river open season between 16 June 2018 and 14th March 2019.

Only available from the Membership Secretary.  Download a an application form on the Joining page.


Fish Welfare Rule - fish spawning

The Committee has decided to introduce a new Fish Welfare rule with immediate effect.

"Members must not fish for spawning  fish or in an area where fish are spawning"

This new rule is an alternative to closing waters for extended periods which is not viewed as practical as fish spawn on and off at different times.  We trust members to act responsibly.


Privacy Notice and Data Protection Policy

The Association has published a member's Privacy Notice which is a document that sets out the ways in which it gathers, uses, discloses and manages member's data. 

It fulfils a legal requirement to protect a member's privacy under the Data Protection Regulation.  Links to the documents are on the website Homepage and below.

KDAA Data Protection Policy

KDAA Privacy Notice

If members past and present have any queries on the content of the documents please contact Fred Merrin.


Working Party Silver End Front Pit

A Working Party was held on Saturday 6 December 2017 on Silver End Front Pit to enlarge the dug outs and cut back foliage on the east bank.  

Thanks to the twelve members that helped including the four non Committee members.

Fish stocking

Silver End Front Pit had 24 Carp introduced in November 2017, ranging from 10lbs to 21lbs.

Tiptree Reservoir had six carp between 11.25lb and 19.0lb and over 50lb of Rudd stocked in October and approximately 145 Carp from 2 - 5lb, plus some good quality Rudd in November.

Layer Marney 3, had 300 Crucian Carp supplied by the Environment Agency from their own Fish Farm in December.

A Working Party was held on Wednesday 9 November 2017 at Silver End Front Pit


Another local lake, NOT KDAA, has had some fish deaths. Oxygen problems have been ruled out. A virus is the most likely cause. Cefas are doing tests to find out which one.
To protect our waters no angler should turn up at our waters with a WET keepnet, landing net, sling, mat or any other item of tackle. All such items must be thoroughly dried, preferably baked in the sun, and be with no moisture at all. This is the only way of ensuring that any virus is killed.
Spraying with a disinfectant is not a solution as the virus can easily survive in parts the spray does not penetrate. Dipping tanks are also not viable as equipment needs to be soaked for at least half an hour and the solution needs to be changed frequently to be effective.
Thorough drying is the most effective way of stopping the transmission of deadly viruses

John Joyce

New Sell, Swap or Buy page

A new page has been added to this website to provide the facility for members to Sell, Swap or Buy surplus fishing tackle.

Access the page on the bottom menu button in the left margin of the site or click here.


A Working Party was held on Saturday 11 February 2018 at Seabrooks Reservoir.

Thank you to those members that turned out to help at the Working Party.  A good turn out with up to 20 members ensured we made good progress with cutting back trees and bushes to open up swims. Also access has been opened up on the right bank to allow access for a Digger later on to lay stones to improve drainage.



It appears that a number of KDAA anglers are parking in Western Lane to gain access to the Back Pit. This is against the Fishery Rule on page 20 of the current handbook. One angler even blocked the entrance to the horse field and was abusive when challenged. This stupid behaviour must stop now. Anyone found parking in this lane is in danger of a life ban.

John Joyce - Chairman


Silver End Front Pit carp stocking 2016

The recent Silver End Front Pit stockings on two separate dates in October consisted of 13 fish of which 5 are mirrors from 11lbs to 19lbs and 8 are commons from 12lbs to 19lbs.

Eight of the thirteen fish are over 14 lb. One of those is 18lb and two are 19lb.

These fish are to replace the older fish that have died over the past few years.

As these fish are used to a natural diet they are expected to pack on weight when exposed to a diet of boilies.


Purchase Guest tickets on line

Apply for a Guest ticket on line via PayPal, particularly useful if you are unable to get to a Tackle Shop in time before you wish to take a Guest fishing. 

Retain a copy of your emailed PayPal payment receipt to show a Bailiff, if requested to do so.

Link to Purchasing Guest Tickets page on the How to join page or click here.


Membership subscriptions on-line

In addition to the facility to purchase Guest tickets on-line via this website.  New and existing members may now pay their membership subscription on-line. Visit the How to Join web page.

Complete and submit an on-line form with an attached photograph and make payment via your PayPal account.. You may use your PayPal receipt as proof of membership until your membership card and handbook arrives in the post.

This facility is particularly useful if you are unable to get to one of our Tackle Agents in time before you wish to go fishing or do not wish to post your application..  There is, however, an additional 7.25 admin fee to cover our PayPal charges and postage.


Tiptree Reservoir new fishing platforms

The Working Party held on Tiptree Reservoir last Friday and Saturday completed building 20 fishing platforms with the aid of a mini digger.  They also cleared vegetation and cut back trees to open up more swims.  As usual the work was carried out by the small number of members who regularly turn up to help on working parties.  The swims on this previously overgrown water are now very accessible.

A new gate to the left of the existing one has also been installed with an improved access track to the new gate

Horses at Silver End Back Pit
Amanda Thorpe has had to divide her field into two halves where she keeps her horses., This has meant putting a small gateway in, It is one spring type gateway: ie it looks just like a spring and stretches across
the pathway hooking at one and, attached to post at the other. Please close it after you  have been through. it's not difficult to use.  Amanda cannot have the horses on the back field as the grass is too rich.
The older one has a medical condition which means if he over eats he could become severely lame, this could end up with him having to be put to sleep.

More fish for Layer Marney middle lake.

On Saturday 20th June 2015 the middle lake at Layer Marney received the first consignment of fish designed to bring the stocks back up to the desired level for our pleasure anglers. The fish stocked were: -

          500 common and mirror carp 6 to 8 inches

100 tench 8 to 10 inches

1000 roach 4 to 6 inches

1000 roach 6 to 8 inches

Toilet installation at Silver End Pits and Seabrook's Reservoir

Please note that when using the Portaloo toilets at Silver End Pits and at Seabrooks, the following procedure should be strictly observed:

1. Flush the toilet BEFORE use.
2. Flush the toilet adequately after use.
3. Please leave the toilet as you would expect to find i
Thank you.


Message from Environment Agency.

During a recent burglary of Environment Agency premises, corporate branded clothing was stolen. We have good reason to believe that this could now be used to impersonate Environment Agency employees. Environment Agency officers always carry photographic identification with them, and they never offer any work or advice for cash. Likewise, our officers never demand cash from anglers for licences or for fishing licence breaches.

EWLO 70302 Brenda Cross
Essex Watch Liaison Officer
Essex Police
Chelmsford, Maldon, Braintree, Uttlesford Districts
Direct Dial: 101 extension 420279
Mobile:- 07970 599923
Email :-

Chelmsford Police Station, New Street, Chelmsford, CM1 INL


Biodiversity in Danger - Review cormorant licensing petition
Signal Crayfish in Layer Marney 2 and 3 and river Blackwater

Signal Crayfish have been caught in Layer Marney 2 and 3 and the EA are known to be laying net traps in the Blackwater. If members catch any, Please kill these creatures that are alien to our waters.