Seabrook's Reservoir


A well established water, located in Leighs just outside of Chelmsford, of over five acres containing common and mirror carp, roach, rudd and tench. The large head of carp in the low double range make the water a relatively “easy” carp water with chance to catch one of the twenties. Surface fishing for carp is a productive and exciting. The water is also a good general fishery with a large volume of roach and rudd up to 2lbs, small carp and tench. Meat, sweetcorn, pellet and paste will tempt the smaller carp and larger roach and rudd.  Maggots will catch small roach and rudd.  Casters fished over hemp in the late autumn can result in bags of the larger roach.  A very popular fishery.

A toilet is located next to the car park


Danny Eagle 07756675366
Tony Durrant 07935459968
Bob Reed 07983801960

View of reservoir in 2004 before trees became established.








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