Please note that the owing to the Covid situation the Committee has regretfully decided not to hold the Annual General Meeting on the 13 January.

The reports from officials will be set out in the Association’s annual Newsletter which will be emailed or posted to members in January.

We, however, have had to make a decision regarding the subscription levels.  These have not changed in the past four years.  During this time the rents we pay for our waters and the cost of fish stocking have increased. We are also having to pay contractors for work to maintain and improve the infrastructure as members will be aware with the work undertaken this autumn. Our pool of Committee members is not getting any younger and requests from the general membership to help at Work Parties gets little response. The work required is also tending to require the paid services of groundwork contractors and tree surgeons.

Subscription changes
 2021/22 2022/23Increase
Adult 85  9510
Disabled 50  55  5
Intermediate 55  60  5
Junior 30  30  0
Senior Citizen 50  55  5
Night Permit 45  6015
River only 25  25  0

The only other decision taken recently is to make an amendment to Rule 7 to include the following ‘A 42inch carp landing net must be used by anglers specifically fishing for carp at the Silver End Pits’.