Match Results 2024

Published by Mick Murton

14 January 2024

4 February 2024

25 February 2024

14 April 2024

Club match Sunday 14th April at Seabrooks Reservoir

Our most recent club match took place at Seabrooks last Sunday, featuring a return team competition against Braintree AS. Each team had ten anglers competing. Recent successful catches of good quantity of silvers had us all eagerly anticipating a pleasant day ahead. Some of us who drew pegs near the car park end had a tough time. There was speculation among us that the roach and bream might be feasting on tadpoles, but perhaps that was just an excuse.
On the day day, Carp ruled the waters, and John Sutton’s impressive catch of 13 Carp weighed in at a staggering 147-0-0 pounds. Positioned opposite the end island, he used a feeder and 6mm pellet. This remarkable weight is likely one of the best ever recorded during a club match.
Other weights,
Jamie Derry KDAA 63-13-0 all Carp
Adam Brett KDAA 23-0-0 12-0-0 pounds of Roach
Steve Sorrel BBAS 18-9-0
John Daniels BBAS 17-14-0
Jim Loosley BBAS 15-12-0
Paul Talbot KDAA 15-1-0
KDAA won on points
All carp over 10-0-0 were weighed and returned immediately.
The next match is on Layer Marney on the 28th April.

Club match Sunday 25 February at Seabrooks Reservoir

Fourteen members attended the latest club match on Sunday at Seabrooks. Despite a couple of overnight frosts and a strong cold wind the Roach and Bream fed well, but the carp were reluctant to show in any numbers.
Winning on the day was Mark Banks on the favoured area between the islands and caught 15 Bream for 35-14-0 on the feeder.
In the next peg, Alan Leutchford 3 carp and 4pounds of roach for 32-6-0
other weights
Gus Lee 17-12-0 roach and 1 carp
Jamie Derry 15-8-0 all roach
Mick Murton 15-1-0 Skimmer bream up to 1pound and a few roach
Chris Sage 7-14-0 all roach
Steve Mason 7-12-0 all roach
Andy Aves 7-2-0 all roach, one at 1-12-0
John Joyce 6-4-0 all roach

Away Club Match Sunday 4 February 2024 at Colemans Fishery- Old Stepfield

This Sunday’s match was held at Colmans Cottage, Old Stepfield with thirteen members in attendance. The winner was Paul Talbot with 77-12-0 catching on long pole to the far side on bread punch. Second, Jamie Derry with 72-8-0 again on long pole and bread punch.
Other Weights were.
Alan Leutchford 51-8-0
Mark Banks 42-2-0
Mick Murton 27-0-0
Derek Harper 24-0-0-
Kim Neish 22-0-0
Steve Mason 17-0-0
Paul Lewis 13-4-0
Andy Wade 12-0-0
Gus Lee 7-4-0
The next match is on Marney 3 on the 11th February, this is a silver’s only match, so no Carp.

Away Club Match on Sunday 14 January 2024 at Lakelands, Hatfiled Peverel

The first match of the year took place on Sunday, January 14th, featuring a change of venue to Lakelands at Hatfield Peverel. Despite a cold week and chilly winds, the day turned out to be productive.
In first place fishing to the island on long pole and occasionally feeder with bread punch was Jamie Derry, with carp up to 4 pounds for a catch of 49-4-0.
Most of the weights were made up of carp up to 4 pounds, F1s and small Roach
Other weights
Andy Wade 21-4-0
Paul Talbot 21-0-0
Mick Murton 16-14-0
Derek Harper 16-14-0
Gary Spong 13-12-0
Andy Aves 12-12-0
Simon Gypps 7-12-0
Paul Lewis 6-12-0
1 D N W
The second round of the Matchman of the Year is scheduled for January 28th at Colemans on Stepfield. Carp are expected to be the dominant catches, and all members are welcome to participate