Match Results 2023

Published by Mick Murton
Match dates
Club Match 27 December 2023 on Layer Marney 3

The Matchman of the Year competition concluded on December 27th at Marney 3. Alan Leutchford is securing first place, leading by just one point over Jamie Derry. Interestingly on the day, they drew pegs next to each other, we all were facing a challenging day with a cold wind affecting all 10 participants.

At the final whistle to finish the competition, Jamie narrowly edged out Alan by 4 ounces, achieving a weight of 6-12-0 with a combination of bits and a bonus Big Perch caught on pinkie and a 20-hook. Alan’s weight was slightly less at 6-8-0 of bits. Surprisingly, the final points tally resulted in a draw, with both anglers finishing with seven points each. Consequently, they each took home a half share of the 150-pound pool.
Gary Spong secured second place with twelve points and 25 pounds pool money.

Congratulations to the winners and all participants for their efforts in this competition

Away Club Match Sunday 26 November 2023 on

Our first winter Away club match was on Sunday at Colmans Fishery on Pathfield lake. A commercial water for a change and all hoping for a great day out. After two hard frosts we knew it would be a tough day, although with no wind at least we could dot down the floats. Overall it turned out to be productive for the majority of the field, although a couple of anglers struggled in the shallow end. F1s made up the Majority of catches.
1st Alan Leutchford on peg 2, 21-4-0
2nd Gary Spong 21-0-0
3rd Paul Lewis 17-0-0
4th Derek Harper 14-6-0
5th Troy Doherty 10-0-0
6th Paul 9-8-0
7th John Sutton 7-0-0
8th Mick Murton 4-0-0
9th Andy Wade D.N.W

The next match will be on Sunday 10th of December at Marney 2 and 3 and will be the Christmas Feather and Bottle. Mostly bottle and chocolate prizes, but no feathery or fur ones.

Mauraders Cup match Sunday 12th November 2023 on Layer Marney 2 and 3

14 attended .

With two nights of hard frost we all knew it would be a little challenging, and it definitely was. The only member getting among the Bream was Barry Wells with 16-5-0 on Marney 2. Andy Aves with 1 Bream and some bits was second with 3-10-0. Other weights on 2, John Sutton 3-5-0. Alan Leutchford with 0-10-0.

On Marney 3, Gary Spong on the platform caught 1 Bream and a small carp for 8-10-0. Second with 70 small roach was Mick Murton 4-2-0. Other weights were Andy Wade with 3-10-0, Paul Cox 3-7-0. Paul Talbot 1-14-0. Derek Harper 1-12-0. Troy Doherty 1-2-0.

The next match will be on the 26th November at Colmans Cottage.

Other News

The Angling Trust British Pike Championship took place on the 20 Foot Drain Whittlesley, Cambs on Saturday 11th November.

Over 100 of the country’s best predator anglers went head-to-head for the title of British Pike Champion 2023.

Our Secretary. John Joyce attended and came a credible 4th place with a 10lb 3oz pike. Well done John.

Result: 1 Carl Shingler, 14-6 (£1,000); 2 Liam Wade, 13-8 (£750); 3 Chris Charlton, 11-2 (£500); 4 John Joyce, 10-3 (£250).

Club match Sunday 15 October 2023 on Layer Marney 2 and 3

Sundays match on Marney two and three was attended by twelve members, six on each lake. With the sudden change in the weather, a cold wind and Fridays rain, we all expected the going to be tough. And tough it was, Marney 2 produced only ten bream and some Perch, Marney 3 was dominated by Carp and only one Bream.
Results on Marney three, Jamie Derry three Carp for 41-2-0, fishing to the island with feeder and pellet. Second Andy Wade, two Carp for 21-10-0. Third Jim Baily with one carp and a few bits for 16-9-0.
Marney Two, Troy Docherty 10-14-0 consisting of Two Bream and plenty of Perch. Second Andy Aves with three Bream and a few bits for 10-12-0. Third Barry Wells 7-4-0, two Bream and some bits.
It seems the easy days of Summer are over until next Spring.

Club match (Silvers only) Sunday 1 October 2023 on Silver End Front Pit

Sundays Club Match at Silver End front Pit was enjoyed by all fourteen members. The fishing was a choice of big bream or small roach or rudd with the occasional perch putting in a appearance. Mark Banks always seem to be were the Bream are and caught two at 7-8-0, plus several smaller Bream, plus a few roach for a winning weight of 23-12-0, fishing long pole on the point. Second was Jamie Derry with 19-0-0, including a Tench of 7-4-0 and another Tench of 4-0-0, plus some roach and rudd. Third was Alan Leutchford with 14-12-0, on the left hand bank, including a Bream of 6-0-0, plus some nice sized Roach.
Other weights
Troy Doherty 14-12-0
Andy Aves 11-0-0
Derek Harper 9-0-0


Team of 10 KDAA v Colnes Sunday 3 September 2023 on Layer Marney 2 and 3

The annual match between Colnes AA and Kelvedon AA was fished on the 3rd of September at Marney 2 and 3. Although conditions were ideal, cloudy warm and little wind.  It proved to be a difficult day for most of the field. Alan Leutchford for KDAA was in amongst the bream again on Marney 2, winning with 46-2-0 of all bream taken on the pole, rumour has it they were taken on worm. On Marney three Jamie Derry for KDAA had one Carp of 13.4.0 and bream for a total of 36.0.0. Ron Brewer Colnes was third with 24.3.0 all bream on 3. KDAA won on points with 88 to Colnes 122.

Results from Marney 2
1st Alan Leutchford 46-2-0 K
2nd Kevin Dewsnip 12-12-0 C
3rd Mick Murton 4-6-0 K
Results for Marney 3
1st Jamie Derry 36-0-0 K
2nd Ron Brewer 24-3-0 C
3rd Trevor ……. 21-8-0 C

Commander Burt Cup (Silvers only) 20 August 2023 on Silver End Front Pit

10 fished
1st Adam Brett 15lb 14oz
2nd Jamie Derry 13lb
3rd Paul Lewis 10lb 8oz.

Team of 10 KDAA v Colne 30 July 2023 on Pebmarsh

Kelvedon won 103pts to 107pts
1st Dave Smith 110lb 8oz
2nd Gary Spong 105lb 4oz
Section win for Troy Doherty

Club match Sunday 2 July 2023 on Layer Marney 2 and 3

15 fished
1st Jamie Derry 57lb lake 2
2nd John Sutton 47lb lake 3
3rd Andy Wade 39lb 7oz lake 3

Club match Sunday 11 June on Seabrooks Reservoir

12 fished. Very hot and weights were low.
1st Allan Luetcford 26lb 15oz
2nd Paul Lewis 24lb 2oz
3rd Jamie Derry 22lb 2oz

Curtis Cup pole match only Sunday 21 May 2023 on Layer Marney 2 and 3

Marney two and three. All fourteen anglers had again a superb day catching mainly bream, only one angler found the Carp in lake 3 fishing across to the island.

Alan Leutchford 105-08
Troy Doherty 75-02
Paul Lewis 71-00 40 pounds are carp
Mark Banks 61-06
Gary Spong 49-04
Paul Cox 49-08
Derek Harper 35-00
Matt Gould 27-03
Jim Bailey 19-10
Dave Tarrel 19-04
Gus Lee 16-10 1 carp 8-12
John Sutton 15-04
Mick Murton 10-04

The next club match will be on Seabrooks on the 11th of June.

Club match Sunday 30 April 2023 on Layer Marney 2 and 3

Sundays results from the club match at Marney two and three. Sixteen fished. Mark Banks was again into the bream on three with a great catch of 103-9-0. Nearly all weights were made up of Bream apart from Troy who concentrated on the Carp and fished to the island with feeder and popups, a few nice perch were also caught up to a pound each.

Mark Banks 103-9-0
Alan Leutchford 42-6-0
Jim Bailey 41-6-0
Troy Doherty 39-12-0, 6 carp and 4 bream
Gary Spong 37-10-0
Gary Tisshaw 32-7-0
Jamie Derry 21-13-0
Gus Lee 21-12-0
Matt Gould 19-10-0
Adam Brett 17-5-0
Mick Murton 16-10-0
Paul Cox 15-15-0
Andy Wade 15-10-0
Steve Mason 10-14-0


Pairs match Sunday 16 April 2023 on Seabrooks Reservoir

Match results from Seabrooks pairs match on Sunday. 22 fished. Carp provided the majority of weights with several bream up to four pounds showing up, plus some large perch.

Top pairs Mark Banks, Mick Murton 103-9-0
Julian Collop, Steve Sorrel 86-5-0
Jim Bailey, Bob Cheeseman 70-1-0
Alan Leutchford, Dean Constable 42-15-0
John Daniels, Jamie Derry 32-5-0
Andy Aves, John Sycamore 28-6-0
Paul Lewis, Derek Harper 26-8-0
Paul Talbot, Bernard Huxter 14-10-0
Gus Lee, Andy Wade 8-4-0
John Aves, Rob Bailey 7-13-0
Steve Mason, Peter Thompson 5-12-0

M. Joslin Open match Sunday 2 April at Layer Marney 2 and 3

Results from the Mervin Joslin Open on Sunday 2nd of April.  24 fished. The bream are currently moving about more, and the fishing spots that were previously successful are now yielding lower catches. The main weight were Bream with the Roach/Perch and Rudd starting to show up.  All anglers were well pleased with the days fishing and are looking forward to the next open match, which will be the Essex Inter Club League on the 6th of August.

Rob Houlding         58-8-0
Julian Collop          57-10-0
Mark Wheeler        57-6-0
Steve Gunner         46-6-0
Bill Walker             36-3-0
Paul Lewis             29-9-0
Gary Bateman       27-13-0
Chris Dyall            26-12-0
Reg Painter           25-7-0
Andy Stebbings    24-4-0
Paul Talbot           22-8-0
Troy Doherty       22-6-0
Gary Spong          21-15-0
Rob Bailey           20-2-0
Dave Tarrel         17-12-0
Simon Gypps      14-0-0
Warren Young    12-4-0
Steve Baker         10-8-0
Alf Darby              8-7-0
Dave Smith          6-6-0
Andy Aves              3-14
4 D N W

KDAA v Braintree match Sunday 19 March 2023 on Layer Marney 2 and 3

Sundays results from our eleven a side match at Marney, two and three, versus Braintree. Bream were again going to be the main target, as the carp are not showing up at the moment. Some great catches were again recorded for this fishery. First on the day with thirty one bream for seventy six pounds, was Mick Murton, fishing on Marney three for the Kelvedon team, Using the pole and maggot. Second, Gary Spong, for Kelvedon, on Marney two, with an all bream catch of sixty eight pounds. Third, for Braintree, Robert Houlding, with forty two pounds, again, all bream.

Mick Murton            76-12-0 K
Gary Spong               68-4-0 K
Robert Houlding     42-4-0 B
Mark Wheeler          37-15-0 K
Mark Banks              36-10-0 B
Simon White            36-6-0 B
Steve Mason             34-15-0 K
Jim Bailey                 31-14-0 B
Andy Wade               31-2-0 K
Gary Tisshaw            15-9-0 K
Chris Dyall                 15-2-0 K
Kevin Howells           13-4-0 B
Kenny Rolfe               10-0-0 B
Andy Aves                   8-12-0 B
Paul Talbot                 8-9-0 K
Gus Lee                       8-6-0 K
Jim Loosley                7-1-0 B
Jamie Derry               6-4-0 K
Paul Lewis                  2-13-0 K
Paul Cox                      2-6-0 B
Troy Doherty              0-1-0 K
Derek Harper             DNW B
John Aves                    DNW B

Club match Sunday 5 March 2023 at Waldegraves and Pennett’s Farm.

Match split over two venues owing to numbers wishing to fish.
Not so good results probably due to the prevailing high pressure and north east wind

Waldegraves Lake, West Mersea
Troy Doherty 43.12.0
Gary Bateman 26.4.0
Paul Cox 7.0.0
Paul Lewis 4.5.0

Pennett’s Farm Reservoir
Rob Bailey 2.5.0
Jamie Derry 1.12.0
Jim Bailey 0.12.0
Steve Mason 0.11.0

Club Match  Sunday 26 February 2023 on Seabrooks Reservoir

Sixteen attended. Carp dominated the weights with the silvers taking a day off.

First was Jamie Derry who made the most of his peg  catching 67-14-0, consisting of five carp and two bream caught on banded pellet and feeder.
Second was Mick Murton with 38-8-0, three carp with the largest one at 21-6-0 caught on feeder and maggot.
Paul Lewis 23-8-0    2 carp
Paul Cox 16-8-0    4 bream
Kevin Barton 11-0-0    1 carp
Adam Brett 8-1-0    Roach/Rudd
Jim Bailey 4-12-0
Gary Spong 4-6-0
Paul Talbot 4-2-0
Bob Bailey 3-12-0
Gary Tisshaw 1-0-0
5 D N W

Silver Match Layer Marney 2 & 3 Sunday 12 February 2023

The match results from Sunday the twelfth of February, at Marney two and three. Sixteen members fished, Condition’s were ideal for mid winter with no wind, cloudy and about ten degrees. The Bream are tightly shoaled up, which showed in the results, in this match, there were very few roach or perch caught.

Jim Bailey 72.2.0
Paul Talbot 57.1.0
Steve Mason 52.13.0
Gary Spong 52.10.0
Andy Aves 35.0.0
Paul Lewis 22.6.0
Alan Leuthchford 16.0.0
Mick Murton 14.12.0
Derek Harper 11.8.0
Simon Gypps 8.8.0
Peter Emery 5.13.0

Away match Sunday 29th January Colemans Fishery, Wood Lake

Sixteen KDAA members were at Colemans Fishery on Sunday, and the two end pegs proved to be the best as the results show. The rest of the field had to be content with catching the odd strays. Well done Gary for his second win in a row on this venue.

Gary Spong 49.0.0
Jamie Derry 43.12.0
Gary Tisshaw 18.0.0
Derek Harper 10.0.0
Peter Lewis 10.0.0
Mick Murton 8.8.0
Peter Emery 8.0.0
Jim Bailey 8.0.0
Paul Talbot 6.8.0
Troy Doherty 4.0.0
Steve Mason 4.0.0
Andy Wade 2.0.0
Kim Naish 1.0.0

Away match Sunday 15th January 2023  Colemans Fishery, New Stepfield Lake

The club match anglers were in action at Colemans New Stepfield Lake. Despite a strong cold wind we all had a good days sport.

Gary Spong made good use of a end peg with 72.0.0
Jamie Derry 62.0.0
Troy Doherty 52.0.0
Kim Naish 30.8.0
Steve Mason 30.0.0
Gary Tisshaw 29.8.0
Andy Wade 25.0.0
Kevin Barton 21.8.0
Paul Talbot 18.0.0
Paul Lewis 16.8.0
Derek Harper 14.8.0
Simon Gyps 13.0.0
Mick Murton 8.0.0

Christmas match Sunday 8th January 2023 on Layer Marney 2 and 3

The club annual Christmas match that was postponed in December was fished on Sunday the 8th at Layer Marney 2 and 3. A strong wind on 2 made it difficult to present the bait on the pole line. Eighteen attended and the fish obliged with some great weights of silvers, plus 2 carp and 2 perch of two pounds from marney 3. Rain started at 2.45 and this made weighing in a challenge, as a limit of 6 fish to a net was introduced. Luckily all anglers came well prepared as the winner needed 6 nets.
1st – Alan Luetchford 91.6.0
2nd – Mark Banks 62.2.0
3rd – Mick Murton 60.2.0
4th – Jamie Derry 49.10.0
5th – Derek Harper 43.0.0
6th – Gary Spong 39.0.0
7th – Steve Mason 33.4.0
8th – Jim Bailey 24.10.0
9th – Paul Lewis 13.8.0
10th – Andy Wade 12.11.0
11th – Simon Gypps 9.0.0
12th – Gary Tisshaw 3.8.0
6 D N W

Club match Wednesday 28 December 2022 on Layer Marney 2

Eleven members braved the wet and windy re-arranged match at Marney 2 on Wednesday. Strong gusty wind and driving rain made presentation on the pole line rather challenging.
1st – Mick Murton 22.4.0, 8 bream.
2nd – Paul Talbot 21.8.0, 7 bream
3rd – Paul Lewis 17.8.0, 1 carp
4th – Andy Aves 14.5.0, 5 bream
5th – Derek Harper 10.12.0, 3 bream plus a perch of 2.8.0 and another perch of 1.0.0
6th – Troy Docherty 8.4.0, 3 bream