How to Join

Arrangements for the 2024/25 season

The Membership opened on the 12th February 2024 for current, new and prior current season members, however,  new and prior season members requiring a membership including a Night Permit will need to wait until 8am on Sunday 17th March 2024. First come first serve.

Night Permits are not sold separately but as part of a combined membership plan, for example, Adult plus Night Permit.

Existing members wishing to purchase a night permit will have to rejoin by Saturday 16th March when the night permits will then become available for new and prior current season members,  if the limit has not been met. Existing members may still continue to apply until the limit is met.


If you join for the current season, then you will be able to apply for a night permit membership next year when we open up the membership in mid February 2025.

New and prior current season members will be able to start fishing from the date of joining.

The Association will be using Clubmate to manage our membership database this year.  Please see the News page article.

Members will purchase their membership on that website and Clubmate will send out our membership cards and our handbooks.  The online admin fee will remain at £5 as a contribution towards Clubmate’s processing fees.

It is recommended that new members requiring a night permit login to Clubmate and complete their ID profile before the combined night permit memberships become available on the 17th March . 

You will need to upload a portrait passport style head and shoulders photo of yourself from your PC, laptop or smartphone, showing only your face, which will be used on your new membership card. If you do not do so, the issue of your membership card will be suspended until a photo that meets those requirements is uploaded. (Do not submit a photo of your old membership card or holding a fish.

If you have any queries or require help with Clubmate please contact the Membership Secretary, Fred Merrin, by emailing or phoning 07952058389. Please do not contact Clubmate direct, any other club Official, send Facebook Messages or Comments, use Clubmate emails or send texts about Clubmate issues. Keeping track of all these different methods of contacting the club at the present time is too time consuming.

If you are an existing member, when registering with Clubmate, please ensure you use the email address that you provided the KDAA when joining this past year otherwise a duplicate account will be created and the system will view you as a new member and, in particular, stop you purchasing a night permit as an existing member.  If you wish to use a new email address, please email the Membership Secretary, at, with your new address before registering.

If anyone is unable to join online or find someone to do so for them, please email  or telephone 07952058389


The Clubmate Clothing Shop is now open and online selling KDAA logo branded clothing, e.g. fleeces, hats and coats etc. 

Clubmate Clothing Shop  The KDAA receives 10% commission on all sales.

Guest tickets will still be purchased via this website.

Click on the Globe icon below to access the Clubmate website. Further guidance about using Clubmate is on the following page.


Join Online via Clubmate

View the Clubmate Guidance webpage and

Login to Clubmate to renew or join the KDAA


1st April 2024 – 31st March 2025

Membership Category



Husband  & Wife/Partner£120.00


Intermediate – under 18 years of age on the 1st April 2024£60.00
Junior – under 16 years of age on the 1st April 2024
Adult, Disabled and Senior Citizen members can take one child under twelve years old fishing free of charge. Can only fish with a with a float or feeder rod.
Senior Citizen – over 65 on the 1st April 2024£55.00
Disabled – official proof of disability required£55.00
Night Permit (all categories) to cover six still waters. Silver End Pits, Seabrooks Reservoir and Layer Marney complex£60.00

River only –  16th June 2024 to 14th March 2025


Guest tickets

Adult Guest Ticket£10.00
Junior Guest Ticket£5.00
Purchasing Guest tickets  by post from the Membership Secretary or on-line via your PayPal account or credit card.Click here for infomation

Useful Information

Guest Tickets

Day tickets are not issued for any of our waters which are for members only.

However, any member, including juniors, can purchase guest tickets.

Guest tickets are available for purchase here

Dog Permits

Dogs are not normally allowed on our waters. However, dog permits are available for certain waters, for more information and to apply click here