The Association will be using Clubmate to manage our membership database next year.

The workload of the Membership Secretary has become unstainable particularly in the past few years.   The current Membership Secretary has been undertaking that role for the past twenty one years, but no longer wished to carry on if the workload did not change.  No other Committee member wishes to take it on either.

After looking at various alternatives the Committee has decided to sign up with Clubmate which is a web based membership managed solution who will deal with our membership applications and post a plastic membership photo ID card together with the club’s handbook.  Clubmate has over 300 enrolled fishing clubs and commercial fisheries selling over 75,000 memberships and day tickets annually.

We have also taken the decision to further reduce the workload by only selling memberships online and no longer at tackle shops or by postal applications. If you are unable to join online or cannot find anyone to do it for you, please contact the Membership Secretary in the new year.

The system works with a member’s profile that holds member’s ID details and photo.  It has membership plans which you can purchase that equate to our former membership categories.

Bailiffs will also be able to check the status of memberships online on the bankside via the Clubmate app.

Further information will be provided to members when the Clubmate configuration for our club is completed and you will be able to log into the system at the beginning of January from our website ‘Join’ webpage.

The Membership will open on the 12th February 2024 for current, new and prior current season members, however, new and prior season members requiring a Night Permit will need to wait until the 17th March 2024.

Existing members wishing to purchase a night permit will have to rejoin by Saturday 16th March when the night permits will then become available for new and prior current season members, if the limit has not been met.

John Joyce