Club Waters


  • The KDAA offers ten still waters that are all open all year round.
  • Night fishing is offered on six of these waters for an annual  night fishing permit payable in addition to the annual subscription. Any member can purchase a night fishing permit when joining to fish Silver End Front and Back Pits, Seabrook’s Reservoir and the Layer Marney complex or upgrade later in the season.  Night Permits, however, are no longer available this season.
  • Unlike some clubs we do NOT restrict any waters to the chosen few that can afford an additional special permit.


  • Six stretches of the river Blackwater from Stisted down to Kelvedon.
  • Roach, dace, perch, chub and small pike are predominant with the occasional bream, tench and carp.
  • upstream Shelborn bridge, Stisted
  • at Gas Lane, Coggeshall
  • upstream Railway Tavern, Kelvedon
  • downstream Worlds End Lane, Kelvedon
  • at Grey’s Mill, Kelvedon


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Still Waters:

Silver End Front Pit

3 acre gravel pit. Carp are a major quarry a good number between 20lb to mid 30lbs. 15 C4 and 6 C6 20-24lb mirror carp were stocked in 2019.  Night fishing venue

Silver End Back Pit

5.5 acre water. Carp are the main quarry for anglers in this very rich fishery with the fish averaging in excess of 20lbs, a large percentage over 25lb and a up to ten 30lb to 35lb+. Night fishing venue

Seabrooks Reservoir

Over 5 acres containing common and mirror carp, roach, rudd and tench. The large head of carp in the low doubles make the water a relatively “easy” carp water with chance to catch one of the twenties. Night fishing venue

Layer Marney -1 John Graves Pool

1 acre reservoir. Long established reservoir with native carp as the main target species up to mid twenties but also contains quality roach. Night fishing venue

Layer Marney - 2 Ted Keyes Pool

1 acre water. Part of the Marney complex.  A good general fishery. Roach, rudd, bream, perch with carp up to top twenties. Night fishing venue

Layer Marney - 3 Lou Radford Pool

1 acre reservoir dug in 1995. and stocked with a high level of carp and roach.  Later stockings of crucian carp and a few chub. Carp now coming out at 30lb. Night fishing venue

Elm Farm Reservoir

A half acre general fishery. It contains roach, rudd, crucian carp, perch, common carp and mirror carp

Pennett's Farm Reservoir

A small half acre general fishery of about fifteen swims. It contains roach, rudd, small carp, crucian carp, perch, a few bream and tench

Hunts Farm Reservoir

A over half acre reservoir,containing a large number of tench some exceeding 7lb, beautiful rudd, crucian carp and perch.

Shemmings Pond

A small under-fished water with fish of most species present, including roach, tench, crucian carp, double figure carp and pike