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Fishing tackle and bait for sale

If you wish to advertise surplus fishing tackle or bait to sell please complete the form linked to this page.

Please provide as much information about the item as possible. You may upload a photograph of the item.

The item will be listed below with 24 hours of submission.

Please email when the item has sold or you wish to remove it from the listing.

If you are interested in buying an item please contact the seller directly.

List Item for Sale

For example - Bivvy

Price: 75


Price: 200

Nash air cradle

Price: £50.00

NGT buzz bar bag

Price: £10.00

Trakker air dry boilie tower

Price: £10

Nash Workbox

Price: £20.00

Bank Sticks

Price: £5 pair

Terry Hearn recliner chair

Price: £30

Ridgemonkey tower glug pots

Price: £10

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