Individual Catch Report



Angler Name: Chris Pratt
Water: Silver End Back Pit
Catch Date: 29/04/2021
Species: Carp Mirror
Weight: 34.8
Fish Name: Tri scale
Details: More recently there has been tales that Tri Scale had passed and had been found dead by an angler. No one was sure as this fish rarely slips up and finds itself on the bank. When fishing on Thursday pm I got a slow and steady take, at first this seemed one of the low to mid 20lbs in the lake. It wasn’t until the fish was 2-3 rod lengths from the bank all hell broke loose and Tri scale decided she didn’t want to be caught. After a lengthy battle and netting the fish my first glance thought I had the scarred mirror which is always pleasing sight. It wasn’t until I had the waders on to retrieve the net I realised it was Tri Scale