As a consequence of the number of new anglers taking up fishing and also the many anglers that have returned to the sport this season after a break of probably many years, the Committee decided that it would be useful to offer guidance on fish welfare.  Bailiffs and other experienced anglers have reported their concerns about seeing other anglers mishandling fish, in particular large carp, on our night fishing venues such as Silver End Pits or having inadequate equipment such as landing nets and unhooking mats.

A guidance document on fish welfare containing information from reliable sources such as the Angling Trust has been produced by the Association.  Although aimed at the novice angler and those new to ‘carp angling’ hopefully all members will find it of interest.  The Guidance document can be found under Club Info menu

Paragraphs cover:-

·  Choice of venue
·  Overfeeding
·  Essential equipment
·  Specimen fish handling
·  YouTube clips on fish handling
·  Unhooking specimen fish
·  Eels and Perch
·  Pike
·  The best way to retain carp
·  Keepnets and code

Fred Merrin
Publicity Officer