Our Bailiffs are having to go out in the club dinghy to the islands at Seabrooks Reservoir on a regular basis to remove broken lines and terminal tackle. Also to rescue snagged and tethered fish, mainly carp.

When fishing Seabrooks can anglers not cast too close to the islands with the risk of overcasting and getting caught up in the bushes and trees resulting in the breaking of hook lengths or main lines.

At worst baited terminal tackle can hang down in the water and risk snagging a carp later on resulting in a tethered fish which could eventually die or hanging lines can be snagged by other anglers. Please also do not use plastic baits when fishing near the islands as these can stay on a hanging terminal tackle indefinitely until it is taken by a carp.

Be aware that the trees on the islands have roots growing out underneath the water. Fishing hard against the islands carries the risk that a carp on taking a bait can run and get snagged in those roots.

Also sitting or standing too far away from your rods can result in fish running towards the islands and get snagged in those roots before you have had the chance react to the run and connect with the fish. Regardless of having a remote receiver leaving a swim for any length of time anglers must reel in all rods. (Fish Welfare Rule 2 – fixed penalty 6 month suspension). Also when fishing near to the islands ensure you set a firmer drag than usual.

If you see a tethered fish please contact the Bailiffs, Ian Davenport or Bob Reed immediately. Their mobile numbers are in the Handbook and on the reservoir notice board.