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DO NOT USE THIS OBSOLETE FORM - CLICK ON THE JOIN KDAA MENU LINK ABOVE If you are an last season re-joining member then you will be sent a Receipt Label to adhere to the reverse of your photo membership card. If your membership card has been lost or has been damaged and requires replacing, please tick the relevant box on the form.

If you are applying as a new member or as a rejoining prior last season member, please upload a passport style photograph (head and shoulders) before submitting the form. In the case of a Husband/Wife or Parent/Junior only the main cardholder's photograph is required. Please note any photo that requires significant cropping will be rejected and you will be requested to email a suitable replacement. 

On submission, you will then be re-directed to make your payment via your PayPal account or your credit/debit card.

On receipt of payment of your subscription you will receive an auto confirmation email from the KDAA within minutes and email payment receipts from PayPal or Stripe.  An application confirmation email will then be sent by the Membership Secretary within 72 hours and a membership card and/or Receipt Label and handbook posted within one week. You may use a printout of the confirmation email as proof of membership until your card and/or Receipt Label arrives. 

Your card should be carried at all times when fishing.

The personal data contained on this form is held and processed in accordance with the Association’ s Privacy Notice which can be accessed under 'Club info' on the Homepage at www.kdaa.co.uk or by clicking here.

Please provide an email address so that KDAA can save on the cost of postage. If you provide an email address all communications e.g newsletters will be sent via email rather than posted.