The membership for the new season will open tomorrow at 8am 12th February 2024, however, new and prior season members requiring a membership to include a night permit will need to wait until 8am on Sunday 17th March 2024.

Existing members wishing to purchase a membership including a night permit will have to rejoin by Saturday 16th March when the night permits will then become available for new and prior current season members, if the limit has not been met.

For ‘day’ members, they can in affect renew at any time after the 12th Feb but may wish to choose to do so when their current membership expires on the 31st March.
Hopefully, you have received our previous emails regarding the club using Clubmate this year to manage our membership applications. Please access Clubmate via our website Join webpage.

Join KDAA – Kelvedon District Angling Association

You will need to complete your ID Profile with the missing information, address, date of birth etc and upload a passport style photo. You will then be able to purchase the appropriate membership plan. If you are renewing your membership that currently includes a night permit then you will need to select a new combined membership plus night permit plan i.e. Adult plus Night Permit. Please note the Parent and Junior category is no longer available.

Please read the Guidance webpage which includes information about navigating Clubmate including the linking of members profiles where you are sharing an email address with another member, for example, a junior or child.

When registering with Clubmate please ensure you use the email address that you provided the KDAA when joining this past year, otherwise a duplicate account will be created and the system will view you as a new member and, in particular, stop you purchasing a night permit as an existing member. If you wish to use a new email address, please email me, at, with your new address before registering.

Fred Merrin
Membership Secretary