The Committee was not aware that the route of the proposed National Grid pylons and high voltage power cables was going to potentially affect Silver End Pits and Elm Farm Reservoir until alerted by member, Dennis Watts.
We will be registering our concerns and objections before the consultation deadline of the 16th June
We would also encourage individual members to sign the petition by just clicking on the ‘Sign’ button and if you have time please complete the consultation Feedback form on the national grid website
Copy of email sent to the KDAA
I am a club member and I am concerned that the proposed route for National Grid’s high voltage power cables and huge pylons, ten times the height of a double decker bus, passes over or very close to the club’s Silver End and Elm Farm lakes. I suggest you object to this by the 16th June deadline, as explained below, and inform members so they can do likewise. Please also check that landowners at the lake know this is planned to be constructed on or near their land.
As well as the massive disruption beside the lake caused by the construction of the pylons and cables, high voltage cables do, of course, put anglers with carbon rods and poles at risk of electrocution as well as spoiling the countryside and making irritating fizzing noises.
Please consider the following:
There is a very active campaign I am involved with, to try to get the cables routed from the North Sea wind farms along the sea bed round the coast to London instead of inland through much of Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk.

Much good information is at Facebook group Essex Suffolk Norfolk Pylons and at campaign website:

Anyone who would prefer not to have the huge ugly pylons and noisy fizzing cables (with all the initial construction disruption) put through the countryside close to or over their fishing venue (and through the countryside generally) should join the campaign as below:
At present it is best to follow the advice provided at the above before responding to the consultation by 16th June:
So right now:
Join the FB group.
Write to the local MP (including your postal address to confirm you are in his/her constituency).

From Monday 6th June, when the campaign website has finalised details of suggested ways to answer leading questions on the consultation website, check their advice and complete the consultation form at:…/infras…/east-anglia-green

Many people are unaware of the above. The leaflet sent to some households by National Grid is being reported to the Advertising Standards Authority by many for being misleading. On the front it shows lovely countryside WITH NO CABLES OR PYLONS and uses the word GREEN! This can also be seen on the website above.This may have given local people the wrong impression, suggesting no harm to the countryside.
Kind regards,
Dennis Watts