Seabrooks Reservoir car park construction

The carpark construction was completed at Seabrooks Reservoir last week. We now have a carpark that members can use all year round. So, no more orange netting closing it off once the winter rains come.

There are just a couple of points for members to observe: –

  • Members are requested NOT to speed on the carpark. The top surface of rolled road plannings will consolidate with car use but will not stand up to skidding etc.
  • Members must not drive bivvy pegs into the carpark as they were able to with the old carpark.

This work was possible only through the help of the Angling Trust and the Environment Agency providing a grant that covered the majority of the cost. We owe much to these two bodies and highlights the need for our club membership of the Angling Trust. May I suggest that individual anglers should consider joining the Angling Trust.  Anglers lag very far behind the support individuals give national organisations such as the RSPB. The Angling Trust has achieved much for us, e.g. by lobbying the Government to get us back fishing during the worst Covid periods. Governments tend to take notice of organisations that have the support of many individuals.

Future work at Seabrooks

The toilet has been moved to a position adjacent to the car park and will be screened.

The entrance gatepost will be replaced with a new metal post. The old, wooded post was on its last legs and was a victim of a nudge from a machine. Please be aware that the gate will not be locked for a few days whilst the cement fully hardens. Warning notices will be erected.

A new notice board will be erected

The edges of the carpark facing the lake will have posts erected to prevent members straying off the hard surface of the car park.

The Common Alders around the lake will be removed. Most are succumbing to a virus and have become dangerous.

Work has been going on for some time to secure a further grant to make the reservoir right hand track useable in the winter. The solution and grant application are both complex and will take time but will be achieved.

John Joyce
General Secretary

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