The Association has rented and stocked Seabrooks Reservoir for over 25 years since it was dug as a reservoir by Seabrooks Farm.

In the last three years, it has actually been used as a reservoir with water being extracted to irrigate potato fields on the farm. This does mean that anglers will start to see water levels drop during the summer months to quite low levels. If there is sufficient water levels in the nearby river Ter then some water will be pumped into the reservoir by the farmer during the summer otherwise most of the pumping in of water is undertaken during the winter months. This winter the water reached its maximum level.

The low water levels do not appear to affect the fishing adversely but it does means that anglers have to fish from the exposed margins. I also check oxygen levels in the water, particularly during periods of hot weather, and if concerned, the EA will assist by providing oxygenators.

Bob Reed
Fishery Manager