Silver End Front Pit stocking 14 December 2019

The planned stocking into Silver End Front Pit of six C6 21lb to 24lb mirror carp and fifteen C4 9lb to 15lb mirror carp went ahead on Saturday 14 December.

The carp were supplied by VS Fisheries. Sussex.

A wet morning but with plenty of help we were able to transfer, photograph and quickly release the fish.

To view a pdf. of the C6 carp click here  To view a pdf. of the C4 carp click here

The £300 plus donations in memory of Ray Bennett, has at the request of his daughter Alison Parrish, contributed towards the cost of the 21lb zip linear carp. Named ‘Ray’ and appears as the first carp in the C6 photos.

May we request that anglers submit catch reports by email or Facebook, with weights, if any of these carp are caught, in particular the C6, so we may monitor their progress.